About Us

Not everyone can get to an art gallery, but everyone can get to the Jimmy Wilson Gallery! Welcome to the new Jimmy Wilson Gallery. A gallery everyone can find. A gallery where parking, weather, and Covid-19 will never be an issue! A gallery whose hours fit everyone’s schedule! The new Jimmy Wilson Gallery just moved to your own personal computer!

We’ll still feature complete art gallery services just like the original Jimmy Wilson Gallery and our loyal gallery team will be there to serve your every need. Linhoff Photo will continue to be our exclusive processor of all Jimmy Wilson Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints. Blick Design Center in Edina, Minnesota will be our exclusive framer and Mike Bethke will continue to be our gallery’s Concierge delivering and installing your new fine art pieces.

Jimmy will be available as always to consult and answer any and all of your questions and concerns. By email, text, phone, or video call!

“I knew nothing when I opened the original Jimmy Wilson Gallery years ago in Minneapolis. So I worked every shift, did every job and was the only employee. But that’s how you learn, that’s how you get good, that’s how you become the best!”

A new chapter and a new Jimmy Wilson Gallery! I’m flattered and glad you’re here, because the only boss at the Jimmy Wilson Gallery is the customer!

jimmy@jimmypicture.com   612-201-0701

All Jimmy Wilson photographic images © Copyright Jimmy Wilson. All rights reserved.