Old Featured Guest Artists

“One of the greatest pleasures at the original Jimmy Wilson Gallery was inviting guest artists to show, exhibit, display, perform, read, recite and sing their many different art forms and mediums in the gallery. It made the original Jimmy Wilson Gallery more beautiful. At the new Jimmy Wilson Gallery we’re honored to keep this tradition alive! We’ll introduce you to local, national and international artists of varied art forms and mediums. Painters, photographers, filmmakers, mixed media, sculpture, poets, authors, performers, singers and songwriters to name a few. You’ll be able to learn about, link up to and purchase every featured guest artists works! It’s great for customers, featured guest artists and our gallery too! The Jimmy Wilson Gallery will earn a small commission each time a featured guest artist’s work is purchased by you from our gallery referral.”

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Natalia Berglund

Laura Wolovitch
Jewelry Designer/Instructor

Kathy Mommsen
Figurative Ceramist

Wayne E. Potratz
Sculpture: Cast Bronze & Cast Iron
Online Store

Lou Ferreri

Alina Maiboroda
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